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How do I upgrade from the 1st generation to the 2nd generation of AIMON?
Upgrading the 1st generation of AIMON to the 2nd generation is done by software upgrade.

As for the 2nd generation, sleep management (sleep monitoring and sleep analysis functions) and statistical functions are added.
In addition, the improvement of measurement rate with improved safety management function is an important upgrade.

For sleep management and statistics functions, Band and Gateway firmware upgrades and App upgrades are required.
Please upgrade the Gateway firmware to 2.8.2 or higher first, and then upgrade the Band firmware to 2.8.2 or higher to complete the first step. In addition, if you upgrade the Band firmware to 3.0 or higher, you can clearly feel the improvement in measurement rate.
Furthermore, if you upgrade the App to 3.0 in the App Store, you can check sleep management, statistical functions and improved measurement rate.
Where can I buy it, and how do I use it?
A1. You can purchase AIMON online at the domestic open market.

        1. Naver shopping
            - Search it by "아이몬 밴드", "아이몬","AIMON" or search it under the category of /
            - Buy it from the smart store (

        2. Coupang
            - Search it by "아이몬 밴드","아이몬","AIMON" or search it under the category of

        3. 11th Street
            - Search it by "아이몬 밴드","아이몬","AIMON"
            - Overseas purchases are delivered as well.

       AIMON provides two basic types of straps: strap S(small) for 0 to 3/4 months babies and strap L(large) for 3 to 35 months babies.
       Strap is sold separately, so you can buy them separately in the open market.

A2. How do I use it?

      Smart phone app should be downloaded to use AIMON band. The app can be downloaded from Google Play store or from Apple app store.
        1. Search for 'AIMON band' or 'AIMON' on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
             - After searching, download the app named 'AIMON' and set it up by referring to the "Help" in the upper right corner of the app.

        2. For detailed settings and operations, please refer to
             -  Set and run by referring to the manual or FAQ-1, FAQ-2, ... or FAQ-6 in "SUPPORT/ " on the website.

A3. "AIMON" YouTube


(Anywhere) Can mom and dad see the baby's status on each mobile phone(app) away from the baby?

Q1. In a WiFi connection environment

A1. By using AIMON cloud services, up to three people can receive baby measurement information in real time. The band that baby is wearing sends monitoring information to a dedicated gateway at short intervals, and the dedicated gateway transfers it to the cloud.
As for AIMON App, AIMON app automatically connects to the cloud by up to three people and receives baby measurement information that is measured at short intervals.

Q2. In a non-WIFI environment
A2. In addition, in an environment where it is not connected to the cloud via WIFI, 
the paired phone which is connected with the dedicated gateway of the band by bluetooth can directly receive measurement information. The built-in battery of the gateway allows you to use it outside your home, in your car, and in your stroller for a long time.

(Anytime) You can be notified when the baby measurement information is outside the set range.

Q1. Set the range of notification

​​​​​​A1. Based on the baby's birth date, the age range is set, and the user can adjust the range value. Notifications are sent to remote apps (Apps) when baby measurements are outside the user-adjusted range.

Q2. Mobile phone settings
A2. When turning the app alarm on or off, set 'Popup notification' to 'Enable' or 'Disable'. If 'Popup notification' is set to 'Disable', all alarms will be turned off. 
 ※ Unserviceable functions are automatically turned off according to the birth date.
If you don't want to hear a notification, you can turn off or turn on the alarm in the ≪Settings≫ of the app.
When the mobile phone is in vibration mode, the app alarm also operates in vibration mode.
Shared users of the account (ID) can adjust the app alarm setting and sound volume separately. Each alarm is set individually, so they can use it conveniently.

Q3. Phone Sleep notification settings
A3. If 'Phone Sleep' is set to on, the app will sound an alarm even when the phone is in sleep mode or when the app is active in background. (It is serviced through the Firebase in the Google, which relies on the reliability of the Firebase.)

Q4. Get overdue information after Phone Sleep
A4. If you turn it back on after power is off, you will receive up to 10 minutes of measurement information.
To monitor 2 babies on 1 cell phone, how do I set them up?
A1. To monitor two babies simultaneously on one mobile phone (app), register and use the baby in the same account (ID).
You can register 2 AIMON sets in the same account and register the baby information for each of them.
For example, if grandmother wants to see her grandson and granddaughter simultaneously on one mobile phone (app), register the baby information for each of the two AIMON sets in the same account.

Can two babies be monitored on one mobile phone at the same time?
Yes, you can monitor the measurement information(readings) of two babies registered in one account at the same time.

A2. Babies registered with different accounts (IDs) can be monitored by changing the account after logging out from one account.
     You can't monitor them with one mobile phone (app) at the same time for this case.
How are straps(accessory band) made?

Q1. It is produced in Korea.

A1. Since it's a product used by a baby, we make 100% of it in Korea from fabric fabrication to sewing.

Fabric, raw material, TPE material, etc. have been certified for safety through infant certification.
(KC infant certification grades: CDK-2020-000002)

Q2. Handcrafted with care
A2. Small, light designs and hypoallergenic sewing methods for babies were used to design straps, and skilled workers sew them stich by stich by hand.
Is the strap(accessory band) comportable and free of skin irritation?

Q1. Isn't it irritating to the baby's skin?

A1. We make the skin contact surface using a smooth fiber structure made of wood extract and 100% cotton.
In addition, only locally made fabrics are used, and they are made with a low-irritation sewing method.
The material surrounding the band body is made of German materials which is used exclusively in medical products, among TPE materials which is harmless to human body.

Q2. Is it comfortable to wear?
A2. The AIMON strap is made of a medical TPE designed for prolonged measurement by maintaining elasticity.
Also, it detects incomplete wearing and expresses it as a wear-check. In this case, it is possible to check the wearing with the app for correct calibration.

Q3. Is it easy to wear?
A3. Depending on the baby's age, leg length, leg thickness, and wearing position, select the strap and combine it with the band body.
For detailed instructions, see 'FAQ-4. Wear straps'.
Please refer to GALLERY/PIC of the homepage.
How long is the strap used and how is it handled?

Q1. Strap Usage Period
A1. We offer two types of small and large straps, so you can use them for up to 36 months.
Depending on the growth of the baby, strap S(small) and strap L(large) can be chosen.

Q2. Strap Cleaning Method
A2. Clean gently with baby detergent in lukewarm water.
After cleaning, dry it in the sun to sterilize it.
(Caution) Tencel is a shrinking cloth, so it is recommended to wash with lukewarm water.

Q3. Strap Storage Method
A3. Keep the straps out of direct sunlight.
If you have washed it, make sure to dry it before storing it.

Q4. Straps can be purchased separately as they are consumables.
A4. It is an infant product designed with materials and production method by considering safety and health of the skin as the top priority. Frequent cleaning or contact can lead to aging.
We provide two basic types. You can purchase it separately and use it.
False information(attention alarm, abnormal value) often appears from heart rate or oxygen level.
In heart rate or oxygen level, if the wear position is sagging down or the wear is loose, false attention alarms may occur.
1. First, please check the wearing position.
   Wear it on the inside or outside of the ankle, and place the bottom of the band 1cm~1.5cm above ankle bone.

2. Please try wearing it a little firmly.
   If you wear it more firmly, you can receive accurate information.
If the set measurement value falls within the caution range, does an alarm come automatically?
Q) Does the app trigger a notification if a newborn has apnea and oxygen saturation falls below the criteria?
    I wonder if I can just see the information in the app, or if the measurement value is at dangerous-level, the app also gives me a notification.

A) How are you? This is AIMON customer center.
   It measures oxygen saturation and heart rate in a short period, classifies the measured values into normal and caution values, and gives alarms and notifications (such as phone sleep) from the App in case of caution values.
      A value classification can be set by the user within the range of values recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
How to set up to monitor 2 babies with 1 phone?
A1. To monitor two babies at the same time on one mobile phone(App), register the babies in the same account (ID) and use them.
     Pease register 2 AIMON sets in the same account and register baby information for each AIMON set.

For example, if grandmother wants to see her grandson and granddaughter on one mobile phone(App) at the same time, please register the baby information for each of 2 AIMON sets in the same account.
You can monitor measurement information of two babies registered in one account at the same time.

A2. Babies registered in a different account (ID) can be monitored by changing the account after logging out.
You cannot simultaneously monitor babies from different accounts with one mobile phone (app).
What is the strap(accessory band) usage period and how to care for it?
Q1. strap usage period

A1. Two types, Small and Large, are provided based on the strap(accessory band), so it can be used for up to 36 months.
Depending on your baby's leg size, you can use the strap Small and Large interchangeably.

Q2. How to clean the strap(accessory band)

A2. Use baby detergent in lukewarm water and gently rub and wash.
After washing, dry in the sun to sterilize.
(Caution) Since Tencel is a shrinking fabric, it is recommended to wash it with lukewarm water.

Q3. How to store the strap(accessory band)

A3. Store the strap out of direct sunlight.
After washing, be sure to dry it before storing it.

Q4. The strap(accessory band) can be purchased separately as a consumable item.

A4. It is a product for infants and toddlers designed with materials and manufacturing process in consideration of the safety and health of the skin. It can wear out from frequent washing or contact.
Two types are provided in the box. It can be used by purchasing it separately.